Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sir Winter

It's quiet outside. Through the cracks in my eyelids, I can tell there is a definite change in the morning light. Even though the curtains are still closed the bedroom has that white, ethereal glow that is the tell-tale sign of an early morning snow. He's here. He entered with boldness, blustering through the trees, large rain drops hitting the ground solidly, letting me know he has no intention of leaving anytime soon. Sometime during the night he settled in and made himself comfortable. He began to spread his soft, white blanket around him, settling in for a long, sweet winter. It's nice to have him back. Welcome, Sir Winter.

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krissyranae said...

I like how you described waking up and seeing the white glow in the room... I remember that so well. I loved waking up that first morning of winter and just knowing from the light in the room that it had snowed. I wish I was there :)