Monday, May 6, 2013

A Little More to Get Caught Up.

When Randy was released for us to travel again I got an assignment in Everett, WA.  I was there for 6 wonderful months. We learned a lot about that region of Washington. For one, it is very, very wet. The rains are torrential and continuous. Of the 6 months we were there we only had about 6 weeks of sunshine.  However, we didn't let the rain stop us from having fun. We got rain gear to keep us from getting soaked and proceeded to experience Washington. We went clamming, shopping, site seeing. We even took a ferry across the sound and visited Orcas Island.  We were able to visit with old friends and new and also had some fun times in Seattle. Oh yes, I did work.  Providence was a wonderful place to work.  The doctors and nurses were fabulous.  When I finished my 6 months there we returned to Nampa, ID. I took another assignment at St Alphonsus Family Maternity Center in Boise and had 6 wonderful months working with a fabulous crew. I was in the last week of my assignment and was just getting ready to sign a contract with Medford, OR. That's when life took another interesting turn.

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