Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Green Pastures

"He makes me lie down in green pastures....He restores my soul"
I read, today, that "green pastures" are the times and places that God gives us to restore and refresh our souls from the wear and tear of the daily grind.

The year 2007 provided many of these green pastures for me.  There were enough that I can't begin to mention all of them, but they were interspersed throughout the daily grind and more than enough to uplift and refresh my soul on a daily basis.

 My Little Funny Face
On January 7, Josh and Krissy presented us with our first grandchild.  She is now 1 year old and has been a joy and delight for all of us.  We had the pleasure of sharing their summer as they stayed with us, so that they could work in McCall, between school semesters. What fun I had while babysitting Sweet Jenna.  She was full of antics and smiles as she grew quite rapidly.  She made me laugh and filled me with joy as we spent time together.

Jenna and Her Daddy
I also got a chance to get to know our son-in-law.  What a pleasure that was. It is so good to see how much he loves his family, what a good husband and daddy he is and to see the Godly man that he is.  We love him a lot and are blessed to have him as a son. He and Krissy will both graduate from college this year.

Our Girls
We have watched our girls grow into successful, Godly women.  The first part of the year Jennie worked at a christian camp's office.  This fall she moved to the valley and is working in the educational field again.  Krissy finished her Junior year of college and the first semester of her Senior year.  The girls have grown closer together and become friends as adults.  It has been fun to watch this new season of their lives start.

My Best Friend
It is a joy to watch Randy as the father of adults and a grandpa.  He does it with such ease and so much love.  How blessed I am to have him.

As you can see, I have spent much time in green pastures this past year. Even when things didn't appear so green, I always knew that God was in control.  He has gotten us through some tough times and blessed us with even more good times.

As the new year starts, he has given us many promises.  He always fulfills those promises.  This I Believe.

Big Sister!

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