Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Am Amazingly Blessed.

I can't believe I haven't blogged since January. I realize that I don't blog very often but that is way too long of a time to not be posting. I can't believe all that has occurred since then. We have moved to the valley. I thought I would never say that. I have compromised with Randy. We are half way between good bass fishing and the kids and grandkids. The setting is rural, which we both love.

I have started updating my nursing skills. I didn't think that I would ever go back. In fact, it seems that I told some that I would never go back. Well, as I have told my girls, never say never. God is sure to lead you in that direction. I find that I am enjoying my nursing more than before. Even though it keeps me busy, life is much less stressful than it has been over the last number of years. I have actually discovered that, although it started out rusty, my brain is still able to learn. Actually, the more I am learning the more quickly I seem to catch on to the new things and remember the old.

I am making new friends and renewing old friendships. What fun! I could do more of this if it wasn't for the nonstop pace I have maintained since moving. Did I say I am less stressed? Really, I am.

In the last two months I have moved, restarted an old career, planted a vegetable garden, unpacked many boxes, (with many yet to go) taken many nursing courses to update my skills, made numerous trips to Nampa, (which is nice to be able to do) hosted family from out of state and close by, sat in front of my window and watched the world go by and have doubly enjoyed being a grandma.

"Yaya", the sweetest word to my ears in this new season of my life. Jenna has grown into a fun, energetic, intelligent and sweet toddler. It has been an amazing year and a half. She is now joined by her baby brother Cole. What a precious little bundle he is. I am sure that he will double the fun I have being a grandma. All I can say is, "God is good and I am amazingly blessed."

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