Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't Fail to Tend Your Garden

Photo by Don Brumbaugh

I finally got a chance to do some weeding in my garden, today. Wow! Those weeds can get ahead of you. I have been so busy I have had only enough time to take a few quick passes over the garden to pick a squash or pull a random weed. There has been no time at all to smell the flowers and the prettiest ones have been hidden by the rapidly growing weeds. I love working in my garden and today was a real joy for a couple of reasons. The most important was that God had a message for me. I love it when he uses daily experiences to speak to my heart. As I worked my way through the vegetables, weeding and picking, I enjoyed the neatness of the newly weeded rows and the fruits of the garden. But it was in the flower garden that He really spoke to me. As I pulled the weeds around my flowers and exposed their beauty, I detected a fragrance that I hadn't noticed before. Lavender! I could smell lavender. That unmistakeably sweet, comforting fragrance. Lavender is a fragrance that I can't get enough of. Because I had not spent time in the garden, I had no idea that there was lavender growing in it. And there it was. That still small voice. "My daughter, sometimes you get so busy with life that the weeds crowd in and you don't notice the sweet fragrance of my love and presence." The message was clear. I can't fail to tend the garden of my heart. I need to spend more time with my BEST FRIEND. I need to smell the fragrance that I can't get enough of. His love and peace is what keeps me balanced. Spending time with Him is what keeps the weeds at bay and my heart at peace.

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